Portfolio Overview:

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  1. Wordmark Logo
  2. United Way Holiday Card
  3. 'Don't Wait, Get Help' Campaign
  4. Cardinal Ritter Magazine
  5. Galyan's Promotional Books
  6. Newsletters
  7. Invitations and Brochures
  8. Kids Contracts
  9. CLD Awards Campaign
  10. Websites
  11. Nursing Historical Display
  12. Development Brochure

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Client: 1. Wordmark Photos Logo
Delivered: Logo Design, Business Cards.
2010 Hermes Creative Award winner
Client: 2. United Way Holiday Card
Delivered: Photo Shoot coordination and Direction,
Creative Graphic Design, Production.
Client: 3. 'Don't Wait, Get Help' Campaign
Delivered: Creative Graphic Design for Billboards, Bus Signs,
Newspaper Ads, and more.
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Client: 4. Cardinal Ritter Magazine
Delivered: Large Promotional Magazine for Cardinal Ritter HIgh School
Client: 5. Galyan's Promotional Books
Delivered: Full color Advertising circulars. Photo shoot direction, design.
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Client: 6. Newsletters
Delivered: An assortment of newsletters of various sizes and kinds.
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Client: 7. Invitations and Brochures
Delivered: Various printed pieces
Client: 8. Kids Contracts
Delivered: Special Project. Concept and design of folder and inserts.
Buy yours at www.kidscontracts.com/
Client: 9. CLD Awards Camapign
Delivered: CLD Awards Camapign: Direct Mail, Interactive Nomination Form, Event Materials including powerpoint presentation, dinner program, invitaitons and more.
Client: 10. Websites
Delivered: Web graphics for assorted websites
See Design Samples page for more samples
Client: 11. Nursing Historical Display
Delivered: Large format historical display for a nursing sorority. Shows famous people in nursing.